Correctional Services

The Salvation Army has been operating the Misdemeanor Program in Duval County since 1975. The Salvation Army Correctional Services is fulfilling its mission to provide for those in need, including those in conflict with the legal system by effectively managing programs that rebuild lives. By offering the people of Florida a comprehensive approach to misdemeanor probation.    The Salvation Army Correctional Services program utilizes the programs within our network to help provide a more holistic approach to the client; this would include short-term housing, food vouchers, rent subsidies, utility assistance, holiday program, clothing, furniture, prescriptions and transportation.  The Salvation Army Correctional Services program operates at no cost to taxpayers.


The men and women who have been court-ordered to report to Salvation Army  Correctional Services case counselors must keep regularly scheduled appointments for a period of three to twelve months to discuss their probation cases and their living and employment situations as a condition of their probation.

Clients may be on probation for any of a number of non-felony offenses, from driving under the influence to issuing bad checks. In addition to paying a monthly fee for the cost of supervising their cases, clients may also be required to pay restitution to The Salvation Army on behalf of their victims. The Salvation Army Correctional Services case manager is trained in techniques that ensure contact with the client therefore creating a positive mentoring relationship.  This relationship quite often extends past the completion of probation providing the client with a continued resource in the community.   It is our  goal to teach our clients to become a productive members of the community.


  • RiteTrack, web-based case management software
  • Handles all case, client and contact management in one central database
  • Available 24/7 to probation counselors, judges, clerks of court, and other criminal justice professionals
  • Utilizing Microsoft SQL Server and .NET technology

Batterer’s Intervention and Anger Management Programs

Another component of The Salvation Army’s Correctional Services program is our Batterer’s Intervention Program, a 26-week curriculum serving men in Duval and Nassau Counties who have been court-ordered to complete the program as a result of a conviction for domestic violence. A weekly two-hour educational class helps clients to understand their need to replace existing power and control behaviors inflicted on their victims with appropriate, nonviolent behaviors that promote equality in their relationships. Successful completion of the program not only fosters a safer environment for family members, but it also nurtures stronger relationships and contributes to a healthier self esteem for offenders and a safer community. The Salvation Army’s Anger Management Program is another time-tested program designed to help men and women by teaching them specific techniques and skills to improve their ability to cope with anger. The eight-hour curriculum, conducted in Clay, Duval and Nassau Counties, serves clients who are court ordered to complete the course as a condition of their probation.

Probation clients must frequently perform community service hours as well, and Salvation Army counselors help clients meet that requirement through referrals to non-profit organizations that accept community service clients. Our probation counselors also monitor clients who are under “house arrest”, and implement impoundment of DUI vehicles.