Advisory Board




Advisory Board members are the foundation for the public support that sustains The Salvation Army in a local community. Normally comprised of influential business leaders and public officials, this board of volunteers advises The Salvation Army on matters of community priorities and needs. They also serve as ambassadors among the influential – enlisting financial support for the cause of hope.

2013/2014 Northeast Florida Advisory Board

  • Mike Buresh, Chairman
  • Sally Ragsdale, Vice Chairman
  • Henry Turner, Jr., Secretary
  • Steve Bacalis, Treasurer


  • Cara Baity
  • Hank Bonar
  • Captain Aaron Bowman (R)
  • Tyrie W. Boyer, Jr.
  • Cecilia Bryant
  • Patrick Coleman
  • Louis Costanza
  • Mort Crim
  • Arthur Crofton
  • D. Clint Dawkins,III
    Ken Durkee
  • Gil Feltel, Jr.
  • Mark Hand
  • The Honorable Judge Dawn Hudson
  • Arthur “Buddy” Jacobs
  • Hobart Joost, Jr.
  • Stephen Joost
  • Tom Lee
  • Dr. Richard Lipsey
  • Dr. Robert Morris, Jr.
  • Ernestine Moody-Robinson
  • Robert O’Quinn, Jr.
  • Joseph Ripley, Jr.
  • Sheriff John Rutherford
  • Jennie Shad
  • A. Chester “Chip” Skinner, III
  • John Sullivan
  • Nicole Thomas
  • Bo Tucker
  • Ham Traylor
  • Dr. Robert Van Cleve
  • David Wingard
  • Capt. O. Wayne Young, USN (R)
  • Emilio Zeller, III

Life Members

  • Jack Caruso
  • Jack Coleman
  • Jack Connolly, Jr.
  • Phillip S. May, Jr.
  • Charles D. Towers, Jr.

Emeritus Members

  • William Barnett
  • Dan Coffman, Jr.
  • Blanche Coggin
  • Walter Dickinson
  • Rita Joost
  • Arthur Milam
  • Linda Moseley
  • Robert Reed

Honorary Member

  • Capt. Robert Sanders